Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees has the role of governance of the school. Governance is about taking a strategic overview, establishing the Charter and Annual Plan, which encapsulates the vision and strategic direction of the school, and in ensuring that all students in the school are provided with the best possible teaching and learning, and therapy opportunities.

The Board of Trustees meets twice per term.  Meetings start at 6.30pm,  Meetings are open to the public, for a list of dates please email jow@kimiora.school.nz

Kimi Ora School Elected Board of Trustees

Chairperson: Philippa Wood
Principal: Shirley Jones
Parent Trustees: Peter McDermott, Pam Johnson, Lynn Andrews, Richard Micheal
Staff Trustee: Dave Speden
Secretary: Jo Walker

100 Walters Street, Naenae, 04 567 5834
Evans Bay:
14 Kemp St, Kilbirnie, 04 387 9301