Finding the ideal holiday spot to support a student with physical needs can be a real challenge.  The following have been recommended as a starting point from parents of our students.

The best holiday one of our families went on was the Ronald McDonald house in Rotorua.  It is a retreat house for children with a “lifelong” illness or disability.  You fill out an application form (here) and then go in a ballot to get a week in the house.  It is a one time only deal.

If a ski holiday is what you are after there are options available and with planning a student and their family can hit the slopes and have a good time up the mountain.  It is best to contact the specific ski field you are traveling to and ask what resources are available for people with disability.  For students in a wheelchair ask if there is a sit ski available.  For more information contact Disabled Snow Sports New Zealand .

This website is designed to give information about hotels/accommodation in NZ and Australia that helps you decide how accessible the places are.

If you are looking for a holiday programme for your child you can contact IDEA Services, Autism New Zealand, or the Cannons Creek Opportunity Centre.

100 Walters Street, Naenae, 04 567 5834
Evans Bay:
14 Kemp St, Kilbirnie, 04 387 9301