Kimi Ora School has five classrooms at our base school in Naenae and three classrooms at the Evans Bay satellite. There are six to eight students in each class who are supported by three teacher aides and a teacher.

Teachers at Kimi Ora School pride themselves on developing programmes to meet the needs of all of the students in the class. Learning programmes are based around the students’ Individual Education Plans (IEPs), the expanded Level One curriculum goals and Key Competencies. Programmes consist of group and individual learning experiences.

Teaching staff work hard to ensure all students can access the curriculum through the use of communication devices, Interactive Whiteboards, iPads and assistive technology. Therapy programmes are integrated into the classroom programme. The teachers and therapists work closely together which allows students to work towards physical, communication and life skills goals in meaningful contexts.

Teachers communicate with parents on a daily basis. ePortfolios enable parents to be involved in and to contribute to their child’s development.

Kimi Ora School offers wonderful learning experiences for students including horse riding (RDA), a hydrotherapy programme, visits to the public library and many opportunities to be a part of the local community.

We have great relationships with our neighbouring schools. Students from the neighbouring mainstream schools attend Kimi Ora School during specific lessons such as music, cooking and outings as well as to socialise with our students during break times. Kimi Ora School students also have the opportunity to attend lessons or special events at mainstream schools. Some students have a dual enrolment with their local school.

Students in the Transition Classes are offered opportunities to participate in community experiences and outings to prepare them for life beyond school. Staff work closely with families to ensure that the process of transition from school to a post school environment is as smooth as possible.

Kimi Ora School has an open door policy. Parents are welcome to call, email or visit the school any time.


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100 Walters Street, Naenae, 04 567 5834
Evans Bay:
14 Kemp St, Kilbirnie, 04 387 9301