Physical Disabilities Service

We provide an itinerant therapy service to main stream students in schools in Wellington.

Typically students we see have a physical condition that impacts on their ability to access the curriculum; this may be Developmental Coordination Delay, Cerebral Palsy, Arthritis etc.

Sometimes students poor motor skills are not immediately obvious but are discovered when the student attempts tasks that are new to them at school; they may have difficulties with -

  • Hand writing
  • Manipulating tools and materials
  • Participating in PE and sports
  • Walking around obstacles, on stairs or uneven surfaces safely
  • Independence with dressing, toileting, feeding, managing possessions i.e. books, jacket, pencils, school bag etc.

This service is not available to students who already have ORS funding.


  • An application form can be downloaded from this site (Physical Service Referral) or Ministry of Education web site (click here).
  • Application filled in by teacher and parents (signed by principal) and sent to our address.
  • An assessment is done at the school to see if the student meets our criteria.

School based therapy visits follow with regular notes sent to both teacher and parents keeping them up to date with visits and activity ideas for use between visits.

Visits are usually weekly and may go on for one term or longer depending on the student’s needs and combine exercises and activities that help target skills the student needs to work on.

Activity ideas and materials are provided.

Sometimes provision of advice, activity ideas and materials are all that is required.

We attend IEP meetings to help coordinate our intervention with school staff and parents.

Some students require assistive technology to help overcome hand writing difficulties – we are able to help with this process.



100 Walters Street, Naenae, 04 567 5834
Evans Bay:
14 Kemp St, Kilbirnie, 04 387 9301