Transitioning into school and on from Kimi Ora School can be a difficult time for students and their families.  We support families/whanau though this process and actively work to provide the best solutions possible for the individual student.

Transition into Kimi Ora School

The staff at Kimi Ora School work closely with families and the early intervention team or previous school to ensure a smooth transition to school. Prior to your child’s first day at school Kimi Ora staff will visit their early education centre or previous school. A transition meeting will take place with your family and all of the support people working with your child.

We encourage families to visit with their child at least four times before their first day of school. These visits enable everyone to become comfortable and confident with the individual needs and preferences your child has. They also help the child to learn some of the routines, meet their classmates and familiarise themselves with the new surroundings.

Students should bring their morning tea and lunch, change of clothes and any appropriate toiletries that will be needed throughout the day.  A swimming bag needs to be sent to school with a spare pair of togs and a towel that can be kept at school. They will be sent home to be washed and returned to school.

Parents are asked to purchase a notebook or diary which can be used for communication between home and school. Parents are encouraged to use this diary to inform staff about any information that may be helpful for the day. It is also an opportunity to write the child’s news so it can be shared with their classmates. Staff will write in the diary daily to let you know how the day went. You are also welcome to email staff, call the school or come in to visit at any time.

Transition on from Kimi Ora School

As a student moves onto another setting the staff at Kimi Ora School work with the families/whanau of the student to ensure as successful of a transition as possible.  A programme is provided as a base for students to start from and the chosen service is supported to implement the programme.  As a school we will ensure all equipment is up to date, the student is supported and advocated for throughout the process and the new service is comfortable with the handover from school. To make this change as successful as possible we start preparing for this transition when students are 18 years old. Students can stay at Kimi Ora School until the end of the year in which they turn 21 years of age.


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