Specialist Teachers Outreach Service


Kimi Ora School manages the ORS staffing component on behalf of schools by providing experienced special needs teachers to work with ORS verified students. We have a team of seven itinerating teachers who work throughout the greater Wellington area providing professional support in schools.
We would like to offer this service to a wider group of schools.
We will:
• Provide weekly visits to your school to deliver the 0.1 or 0.2 staffing component
• Provide programme planning and curriculum adaptation with the class teacher and teacher aide
• Adapt resources to meet the needs of your student
• Manage and record the IEP process
• Assist with computer/technology assistance and advice with implementation of programmes
• Liaise with parents and special education staff
• Regularly undertake professional learning and development in special education.

We are flexible and willing to discuss how we can adapt our services to meet your needs.
If you choose to use our service the 0.1 or 0.2 ORS staffing component is transferred to us.

Testimonials from people using our service:

We have had the services of a specialist teacher from Kimi Ora Outreach Service since February 2012. This is the first year we have outsourced some of the teaching of our ORs funded students. The specialist teacher has been providing skilled teaching and teacher support for our teacher, teacher aide and student. She has brought a wealth of expertise to our school and her input has impacted positively on the education of all concerned.
While the student was receiving adequate teaching from someone with a reasonable amount of experience, it was case for us of not knowing what we didn’t know. The Kimi Ora teacher’s specialist knowledge has helped us to begin to unlock potential in the ORs funded student that we didn’t know existed. She has challenged some of our practices in a very empathetic way and introduced new ways of doing and thinking that have excited the student and those who work with her. The student’s achievement has been impacted positively as a result.
Principal Birchville School, Hutt Valley

I would like to let you know how valuable the Kimi Ora Outreach Service has been at our school. The teacher from Kimi Ora School has been working with 3 ORs funded children in our school for the past year. Her expertise in areas of special needs is invaluable. She is extremely well qualified to help us set up routines and programmes in the classroom. She has modelled to the teachers’ and T/A’s how we should act around these students and she knows how they learn best. She has not only made resources but she made sure we bought appropriate and worthwhile equipment. She runs the IEPs which is really great as she is well used to talking to parents and guiding them through the hard and trying roles they play in raising their kids at home and supporting the teacher and T/A’s at school. As she is here every week she is available to talk to us about any problems we encounter. Her jobs are varied. Sometimes she works directly with the child, sometimes she releases the classroom teacher so they can work with the ORs student themselves. She helps to co-ordinate with GSE therapists to visit the ORs child and she works closely with the school SENCO leader. She gives us the continued support and encouragement we need to provide the best education we can for these special needs students. It is really quite remarkable how well these students are all doing in a mainstream school such as ours. I know we have excellent teachers here working with the ORs students but their progress would not have occurred this quickly if we didn’t use the services of a capable specialist teacher from Kimi Ora Outreach Service.”
DP and SENCO leader, Brooklyn School, Wellington

Working with Kimi Ora School has given us access to many extra resources and specialist help from experienced teachers. This has meant that an individual programme has been put into place catering for my son’s specific learning needs. An important element of this for him has been the inclusion of life skills, which was suggested and implemented by the specialist teacher. This will prepare my son to better cope in the future.”
Parent, Ridgway School, Wellington.

For more information on the Specialist Teacher Outreach Service please contact:

Lisa Neilson, Manager Outreach Service, lisan@kimiora.school.nz ph (027) 427 3969
Shirley Jones, Principal Kimi Ora School principal@kimiora.school.nz ph (04)567 5834


100 Walters Street, Naenae, 04 567 5834
Evans Bay:
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