Our therapists have an eclectic approach to the assessment and treatment of children with neurological or Central nervous system  conditions. That is all intervention is based on current available evidence in respect to delivery of therapy programmes at school. The  therapy team also provide intervention that is guided by the Bobath concept.

“The Bobath concept is a Neuro-Developmental approach to the assessment, treatment and management of any individual with limited ability to fully participate in daily life, due to changes in tone and patterns of movement, sensorimotor, perceptual and cognitive function, resulting to a disorder of the Central Nervous System.”

The Bobath concept recognises the interrelationship between sensori-motor, perceptual, cognitive, behavioural, emotional, and environmental factors during development and in the performance of functional activities.  It recognises that it is not possible to impose more normal movement patterns on a background of abnormal/atypical tone and movement.

The main aim of treatment is to encourage and increase a child’s ability to move and function in as normal or typical way as possible.


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