Speech and Language Therapy



Communication is an area that we highly value at Kimi Ora School. Speech and Language Therapists work together with other staff and whanau to ensure that students are able to communicate their wants and needs, and develop social communication.

At Kimi Ora we believe that all students should have access to whatever approaches and tools they need for making sense of the world, following routines, understanding what is happening, learning and communicating. We see communication as everything from enjoying interactions with others through to expressing wants, needs, thoughts, feelings and dreams. It affects the whole of life. We aim to promote independence and effective communication to enable students to engage in and affect their learning and community. We also support whanau to use a range of strategies to engage with their child.

The following tools and strategies are modelled and used with the students as appropriate to their individual needs:

  • Intensive Interaction

  • Touch and object cues

  • Visual timetables, first/then boards and task boards

  • Photos

  • Symbols

  • Signs

  • Written words

  • Language input appropriate to the level of comprehension

  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)

  • Yes/No symbols

  • Speech

  • Core boards

  • Pragmatically Organised Dynamic Display books (PODD)

  • Eye gaze

  • Choice boards and communication boards

  • Alternative Augmentative Communication systems, including technical devices

  • Bilingual Language Support

Total Communication means that the students can use whatever strategy they need to understand and to make themselves understood. The Total Communication environment encourages growth as students move into using and understanding higher level communication as they see it around them.

 Students also receive regular dysphagia (eating and drinking) assessment.  The Speech Language Therapists work closely with the students whanau/family and medical teams if there are concerns regarding the students eating and drinking. They will provide programmes that support the needs of the individual student and train others on how to implement these programmes.


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