Occupational Therapy


The Occupational Therapists at Kimi Ora School help students to overcome barriers to become as independent as possible in their life skills and learning. The student is at the centre of their learning and as such meaningful goals are set that benefit the student and their family/whanau.

The Occupational Therapist’s support students and the teaching team in the classroom, in individual sessions and groups to ensure that each students programme continues to meet their needs and allows them to work towards success in their goals. Environmental adaptations are made to allow students to access the curriculum and be successful within their learning.
The occupational therapy programme consists of several areas and intervention is based on the following approaches/strategies:

• Sensory Integration and modulation
• Life-skills Programme
• Neurodevelopmental approach (Bobath)
• Equipment provision and review
• Assistive Technology
• Rehabilitation from surgery
• Access to leisure activities
• Behavioural Approach
• Biomechanical Approach

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